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Rick Ross will be rich forever. Well, at least that’s what his latest tattoo is declaring.

The Maybach Music mastermind is no stranger to face tattoos, but caused a stir on social media late last night when he debuted his new “Rich Forever” chin tattoo. Thankfully, the freshly inked tat is located in a clever spot on Rick Ross’ face where it can be covered up if the “Sanctified” rapper decides not to shave for a few weeks.

Rick Ross isn’t the first – nor will he be the last – rapper to tattoo something “silly” on his or her face. GlobalGrind decided to round up the most notable rappers with face tats, some OK and some just downright terrible.

Do you remember your first thought when you laid eyes on Gucci Mane’s infamous ice cream tattoo? Or what about Yung LA? Do you remember the “Ain’t I” rapper’s duck tattoo?

Well, if you don’t, take a trip down memory lane and check out other notable rappers with face tats down under.


Rappers With The Best/Worst Face Tattoos (PHOTOS)
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