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Nicki Minaj doesn’t care about Drake courting tons of the beautiful women in Hollywood – and why should she?

The two YMCMB superstars have always flirted with each other in their music, on stage, and in the media. So much so, that their fans can’t help but wonder if they might end up together. At one point, they even had the world thinking they were already married.

Though Drizzy has been dating one of Nicki’s good industry friends, Rihanna, on and off, the Nickster recently revealed that the Canadian rapper is her fantasy man.

Nicki – who recently posted a selfie while “traveling all day” (see above) – told VICE magazine‘s i-D section in a 10 Questions segment:

On Her Ideal Man

One day I will run away with Drake and get married, but right now it’s just a fantasy. 

Ironically, she also revealed that Rihanna fondles her the best…

On Her Ideal Woman

Rihanna. She fondled me at the MTV Awards and the America Music Awards. I love her. She’s the best fondler ever.

Check out a few more excerpts below:

On Working With Kanye West

When I got the call to be on Kanye’s album that’s when I started thinking “hmm…” They have their little circle and I didn’t really expect to be accepted in that little circle. Once I knew I was getting on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy I felt like this might be a movement. This is big for a female rapper to be on a Kanye album. 

On Representing All Women

I represent girls of all colours and shapes. I’m someone just about everyone can identify with. I don’t exclude anybody. I think that’s what I bring to pop culture. That’s the way I speak. I like to compliment girls and make them feel proud and make them feel better about who they are, no matter how they look. 

On What The Future Holds

I want to be a mogul; I want to have multiple businesses where I can employ hungry people, people who are eager to learn. I want to have foundations where I can put people through college; I want my Barbs to be smart, not to be crazy and foolish and not to depend on boys. I want to do something to inspire people all around the world. I’d like to be remembered as one of the great rappers and a mogul, an actress, a mother and a wife.

Will Nicki and RiRi be Hip-Pop’s first sister wives? We can only dream. Check out a few photos of Nicki’s fantasy man being mobbed by fans as he leaves Mastro’s steakhouse in Beverly Hills. Sexy, right?

SOURCE: VICE i-D | PHOTO CREDIT: Splash, Instagram, Youtube

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