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A video of a black man in Cheektowaga, New York becoming the subject of a white woman’s racist rant is making its rounds on the internet, proving Cliven Bundy and Donald Sterling aren’t the only ones on the other side of history.

The woman, who identifies herself as a stripper, explains on camera that the black driver “scared” her children by starting up his car in a store parking lot. She quickly hurled offensive racial slurs at the driver, calling him a “nigger” and screaming frantically.

When he encouraged her to call the police, she told him he wouldn’t get far, because “How many cops have I stripped for?”

As if the altercation hadn’t already gotten way too inappropriate, she proceeds to call her husband and instructs him to “fucking kill” the black guy. The driver remained calm throughout the entire verbal assault, but the woman seems to think he’s the one who’s racist.

While on the phone she says to her husband, “He’s a racist, ignorant, nigger!”

Uh, plot twist? The driver goes on to shed some light on the saddest realization of this entire situation — that this woman’s kids are being raised to possess the same kind of hatred as she displayed. Super sad.

“Put it on Youtube, nasty Nigger” are the last words the stripper offers the guy before storming off camera.

Looks like Justin Bieber isn’t the only one carelessly throwing around racial slurs these days…


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