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The entire second season of Orange Is The New Black will hit Netflix tonight at midnight and if you’re anything like us, you’re planning to start one epic binge-watching session this weekend.

The binge-watch life is so real. It’s so real, even OITNB star Laura Prepon knows the show is worth it.

“The whole streaming thing is changing the way writers are writing television now. It’s basically a 13 hour-long movie,” she explains.

But as we clear our schedule for the weekend to watch 13 hours of Orange, we’ve provided you bingers with the perfect survival pack to get you through the weekend. Here are a few things you’re going to need…

A bottle of libations to set the mood; we’re talking some cognac, a bottle of wine, or some Ciroc. 

The ability to NOT go to the bathroom for a minimum of 13 hours. Have that toilet paper on deck for when you finally have to go. We’re not pausing this sh*t. 

Pre-made meals or a stash of menus. You’re eventually going to have to eat, but you don’t want to waste precious binge-watching time on cooking.

It also helps to have a babysitter for the weekend. Kids make it damn near impossible to binge-watch, because they demand attention and will go to great lengths to get it.

Spoilers will be on Twitter heavy. If you learned anything from season two of House of Cards, you’re going to have to surf Twitter with care.

A comfy blanket is mandatory.

And last but not least, a support group to hold you when something epic happens. You can all spazz out together.


SOURCE: Giphy, Hennessy, Netflix 

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