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So, about that one time Jaden Smith wore a Batman suit to the #worldsmosttalkedaboutwedding.

When pictures first surfaced of the holy matrimony of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, we saw that the blushing bride wasn’t the only person to wear white on her big day. She and her bridesmaids all walked down the aisle in stunning white gowns. And then there was Jaden. Sitting in the audience. In an all-white Batman suit.

Unfortunately, much like Sway, we ain’t got the answers as to why he wore it–and neither does Kris Jenner, who appeared on HuffPost Live and said:

“He is the greatest kid in the world. I’m very close to Jaden and he’s like one of my own, you know. And he had this Batman costume on and I thought it was just genius. When you look at it … it sounds just crazy. It was beautiful. He looked so good, and so fun, and he also has a really good sense of humor.”

Yes. Beautiful. That’s what it was.

“But actually, the Batman costume was really cool and fabulous, and it was white and it was almost like, ‘Oh, there’s Jaden in his Batman costume,'” Jenner explained. “It wasn’t like a crazy thing. It was actually really fun, and he added such a, you know, humor to the night and it was great.”

Oh, there’s Jaden in his Batman costume! Completely normal! No big deal!

Actually, I take that back. This is Jaden we’re talking about here, sooo normalcy doesn’t really apply in this situation.


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