Father's day Gift Guide

Another Father’s Day, another tie that he’s just going to hang on that tie rack you got him that one year to display all the other ties you’ve bought him.

OK–Let’s get real: Dad really does not want another tie this year. He probably hasn’t even worn the one you got him the year before, orrr the year before that.

The truth is, dads are pretty simple, which actually makes it tougher to shop for them. Luckily for you, we’ve rounded up nine different gifts the special man in your life will actually love, like….

1. A monthly subscription to Tie Society. Because maybe pops really is a tie kind of guy. Sign him up for a membership plan so he can rent them and other designer menswear accessories, wear ’em, and then send ’em back for something else.

2. A BBQ briefcase. Because your dad is a real Grill Master, and he means business. Hickory-smoked business.

3. A pocket projector. Because he wants his entertainment on demand and on the go.

4. A pair of cool kicks. Because your dad’s pretty cool, too.

5. A coffee mug with a hoop attached. Because he’s the real MVP.

6. A beer-making kit. Because, beer, duh.

7. A vinyl-to-digital music converter. Because he’s still hoarding all of his old records.

8. A smartphone photo printer. Because you’ll probably want to use it for yourself.

9. A slim, stylish messenger bag. Because his old one is outdated and barely hanging on by a thread.

Ready to get shopping? Do it all with a click of a mouse down below.

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