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Fans of the hit Netflix series Orange Is The New Black finally got what they’ve been waiting for what seems like forever now, as the second season was released this past Friday.

If you love the show and can’t get enough, then you probably spent the majority of your weekend hooked to your screens watching Piper Chapman and the rest of the Litchfield ladies go through some more trials and tribulations.

The first season was more intense than we could handle, and the second has proven to live up to the expectations as far as shock value and heart-wrenching storylines.

While the focus was still mostly on Piper’s 15-month sentence in prison, this season opened up the doors to the rest of the girls to have some of the spotlight and their back stories explained throughout each episode.

We got a chance to look into the childhood of Crazy Eyes, the delusional relationship of Morello and her supposedly soon-to-be husband Christopher, Rosa‘s heist past and her present cancer battle, and many more key characters.

The one person who shook things up for all of Litchfield, however, was the newest character Vee, who basically took over and began to run the whole prison.

While we bite our finger nails waiting for season 3, take a look at some of the best and worst moments from season 2 of OITNB!

Piper is taken out of shoe in the middle of the night and flown to a Chicago jail without warning. She finds out that Alex is there, who tells her that they’re both there for their trial. After Alex tells Piper to lie about knowing anything about their drug trafficking kingpin, she complies just as Alex tells the truth. This leaves Piper in prison to finish her sentencing while Alex becomes a free woman. Piper then becomes pretty heartless throughout the rest of the season.

Taystee learns that Vee, the manipulative woman who acted like her mother to get her into the drug game, has been sent to Litchfield with her. She then recruits Taystee and the other black women in the facility to run a tobacco business from the warehouse, but Poussey doesn’t trust her. Taystee and Poussey’s friendship is ruined. Watson also takes the fall for Vee during a bunk search, and is sent to the shoe once again, despite it being her worst fear.

Red wants to get back on everyone’s good graces again, and finds a way to do so when she discovers a sewer hole in the greenhouse. She recruits her son to dig his way through it so he can deliver items to her to give to the rest of the girls such as cosmetics, makeup, and snacks. This creates a ton of drama between her and Vee, leading to a blowout of Red’s attempt to strangle her during a power outage.

While waiting in the hospital garage, Morello takes the prison van all the way to Albany to her supposedly soon-to-be husband Christopher’s house. She heard the news that he was marrying someone else, but we find out in flashbacks that she fantasized the whole relationship, and he worked to get a restraining order on her as she stalked him more and more. She breaks into his home, steals his future wife’s veil, and takes a bath in it. She then leaves the house before she is caught, and he then comes to prison to confront her, where he reveals her delusion to everyone.

Officer Mendez gets off his suspension after having sex with Daya, who did so to cover up her pregnancy with Bennett. He reveals that he is in love with Daya, which leads to Bennett to tell Caputo that she is pregnant and Mendez is the father. Mendez is then fired, and arrested, despite professing his love and commitment to Daya as he is escorted out by officers. Eventually, Bennett reveals to Caputo that he is the real father, but is told to keep himself quiet about the scandal since Caputo just got promoted a day earlier.

Crazy Eyes takes the fall for Vee after she beat down Red in the greenhouse that sent her to the hospital after she broke her eye socket. Vee manipulates Crazy Eyes into thinking that she did it, since she is like a mother figure to her, giving Vee the chance to escape into the woods through the sewer hole. Eventually, evidence comes forward that Crazy Eyes is innocent, and the entire prison goes on lockdown as the staff searches for Vee.

By far the most shocking moment of the season was the ending. Rosa finds out in the last episode that the chemo therapy didn’t work against her cancer, and that she has about 3-6 weeks left to live. This leads to Morello sympathizing for her and giving her the opportunity to steal the prison van and drive off in order to be in one last police chase. While on the road, she sees Vee escaping the woods and standing on the side, to which Rosa swerves and purposely hits Vee with her car, possibly killing her.