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Katy Perry’s visually stimulating Prismatic tour has been in full effect since early May, but this week, some pretty questionable images from her stage performance made their rounds on the internet.

The photos, reminiscent of her pop star counterpart Miley Cyrus’ controversial MTV Video Music Awards performance, featured dancers with large behinds and breasts wrapped in what looked like something mummified. The dancers, whose lips were painted red like black caricatures of the Jim Crow era, surrounded Perry, who wore a lavender leotard donning the sacred Egyptian ankh symbol.

See anything wrong here?

Cultural appropriation for one. Something Perry is definitely not a stranger to (remember her controversial AMA performance)?

Secondly, more cringe-worthy, irresponsible appropriation. Perry’s decision to subscribe to this certain sub set of black culture (and a false one at that) — that black women are outlandishly proportioned on the bottom — is lending itself to the support group for white women who don’t think playing dress up is offensive while perpetuating the idea that black women are hyper-sexual.

Thirdly, whoever had the grand idea to put a bunch of Sarah Baartman effigies onstage and have them dance suggestively should probably pick up a history book.

And lastly, if you don’t know who Baartman is, you should also pick up a history book.

But Perry’s latest aside, we can’t help but notice the “Dark Horse” singer is pretty much a pro at this thing called “offensive.”

Like seriously. If you ever have the urge to reduce culture and tradition that does not belong to you into a costume, just stop.

So here’s a message for Katy Perry — just say no to this:


And this…

Katy Perry-Juicy-J-Dark-Horse-video

And super no to this because…well…reasons…

Katy Perry Dark Horse

Nope to all of this:

Katy Perry In Concert

And especially this…

Katy Perry In Concert

And here’s a second reminder to just…no!

Katy Perry In Concert

Please don’t do this anymore…

Katy Perry performs live during The Prismatic World Tour

And this should never happen again…

2013 American Music Awards - Show


2013 American Music Awards - Show

Not fucking ever.


Lesson learned? OK. Thanks.

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