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In her directorial debut, Rocsi Diaz presents “The Secrets of Strangers” — an Immigrant Heritage Month PSA that brings together random people to share the most intimate secrets about their identity.

In the video, undocumented citizens have the opportunity to share with American strangers what it’s like to be undocumented in the United States.

The video is part of a series for the first annual Immigrant Heritage Month in June 2014 established by The goal? Encouraging as many Americans as possible to tell their story of how they first were welcomed into the American experience.

The video captures not only the stories of these undocumented citizens, but their raw emotion in sharing one of their deepest secrets. Other videos in the series feature directorial debuts by Naya Rivera (Glee), Guillermo Diaz (Scandal), as well as appearances by David Blaine, Skylar Grey, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Sally Field and many others.

Watch the emotional stories above.