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It’s all love the Diddy and Cassie way, and it’s pretty freaking adorable.

These two are definitely one hot couple, as they’ve been revealing the intricacies of their love life more than ever within the past six months. The power hip-hop couple’s relationship was on the low for quite some time, keeping many fans wondering what they were up to together behind the scenes.

With more appearances in 2014 than ever before, Instagram dedications, and subliminal messages, we’ve decided to put together a timeline of the couple’s captivating courtship to the time Cassie became Diddy’s “official girl.”

2007 – Cassie records her hit single “Me and U” with record producer Ryan Leslie, and after Diddy hears her song in the club, Leslie convinced him to partner Bad Boy Records with Leslie’s NextSelection imprint for the release of Cassie’s debut album.

August of 2008 – She released her single “Official Girl,” which had fans everywhere questioning if the song was a subliminal message referencing Bad Boy CEO Diddy, after rumors of the two dating on the low surfaced.

2008-2012 – These two continue to keep us on our toes, showing up to all kind of events together, including Paris Fashion Week, the 2012 Annual Cannes Film Festival, and even the Recording Academy’s Pre-Grammy Gala in 2012. Cassie was constantly right beside her boo, yet the two remained coy when asked if they were dating.

During an interview with The Urban Daily in 2012, Cassie shot down attempts to get into her personal life, claiming that she was just living her life and having fun:

“I don’t talk about my personal life. Whatever people want to choose to believe or not believe is really up to them…  I’m 25, I just want to have fun at this point,” she said.

Later in 2012, the duo was practically touring the world together. In August, they were photographed aboard a yacht in Capri, Italy – and Cassie was topless. Rumors were officially put to rest when Diddy uploaded a picture of Cassie on Instagram, claiming to be “the luckiest man in the world.”

Later in September, Cassie got sick of all the negative rumors about her and her man’s relationship, posting this:

February 2014 – Breaking news that Diddy allegedly popped the question to Cassie over Instagram surfaced, and the media went wild. However, Diddy spoke on The View in October of 2013, reiterating that he was not ready for marriage. Necole Bitchie quotes him:

I think a lot of people put too much on marriage and not enough on happiness.[…] I’m happy, anybody that is in my life is happy. I just want to be happy and I think it’s important for you to protect your happiness and to love yourself, because then you can love other people the right way.

It definitely would be a dream come true for me to just one day be ready for that.[…]I’m not really looking because I know the responsibility that comes with that and I think that a lot of people, they jump into that and they’re not honest with themselves. I’m brutally honest with myself. I don’t want to get married and not make that woman be the best. I’ve been close to it and when I’m ready I’ll make the announcement, but when I do it, I’m doing it forever.

However, this pic seemed to tell the truth:


Cassie responded “It’s perfect!” and soon after, she was seen rocking her rock at Rick Ross’ 36th birthday, and was even flashed on camera showing it off with celebrity singer Keyshia Cole.

Today, the two are more public with their relationship than ever and continuously show their social media followers all their silly lovebird moments. Click below to view some of our favorite Cassie/Diddy Instagram flicks.

SOURCE: The Urban Daily, Necole Bitchie | PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram

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