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Miranda Kerr covers the latest issue of Net-A-Porter’s magazine, The Edit, but during her interview, the former Victoria’s Secret Angel explained that while she loves modeling, it isn’t who she is:

“From my first photoshoot at 14, I never saw myself as a model,” Kerr revealed to The Edit. “If someone asks me what I do, I say, ‘I have my own skincare line.’ I don’t define myself as a model.”

The 31-year-old beauty has no problem taking control of her life and career, as she’s currently studying to be a health practitioner while juggling being a mom to 3-year-old son Flynn, and heading up her own skincare line KORA. Kerr didn’t get as candid about dating and her ex-husband Orlando Bloom as she did in previous magazines, but she did reveal the couple is on good terms and will always be “family.”

Catch a few highlights from Miranda’s interview below, and head on over to Net-A-Porter for more.

On her divorce from Orlando Bloom: 

“We all have bad days and negative emotions,” says Kerr now. “But I’ve realized it’s important to sit with it and let it pass, and if it doesn’t pass, choose a thought that will help it pass. Focus on what it is that you’re grateful for. Having perspective is key.”

On Her New Career: 

“I really like the mental stimulation that I get from KORA, making executive decisions,” shrugs Kerr, smoothly switching lanes. “I’m very driven. I don’t ever feel stressed; I feel calm when I’m multi-tasking.”

On Family and Paparazzi: 

“I feel happiest when I’m with my son at the beach or the park, and we get to enjoy ourselves without paparazzi. Privacy is the most important thing, especially being a mother; when I have an off-duty day, it’s challenging if there are photographers around. It becomes a circus and I don’t want that for Flynn. If I’m on my way to work and they get a photo, it’s fine. But if somebody wants to have a day off… Can you imagine being a builder and having to build on your day off? I get my photo taken for a living, and when I have a day off, they’re still taking photos. I have perspective about it, but it’s just nice to have little moments when they don’t intrude.”

Totally agree. Who wants to work on their day off?


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