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I moved to Los Angeles a year and a half ago to be closer to my two daughters.  They have a wonderful mother, but the separation from me living in New York City while they lived in Los Angeles became unbearable, so I bought a house and moved. Every morning I wake up and immediately go to their house so I can meditate with my two girls before taking them to school. This daily ritual I wouldn’t miss for anything. It is the time that I spend with them during the morning that gives me the energy to get through the rest of my day.

On this Father’s Day, I am not looking for admiration for my role as a parent, but rather looking for more moments to cherish with my children. That is the true joy of life. There is nothing sweeter than hearing the sound of laughter from your kids. A smile when you teach them something. A thank you when you help them achieve their goals. Even a meltdown every once in a while is ok.

I know many fathers who don’t have the chance to share these moments with their kids today, as their kids were taken from this earth too soon. I also know many fathers who gave up the responsibility of being a father far too soon and I can guarantee they have regretted it ever since. So, if there is a child in your life that needs your love and attention, give it. Give every ounce of it you got. For it is our job as men to celebrate our roles as fathers and wrap our children with our warmth and love so they can live a full life with nothing holding them back.

Today, before your child tells you Happy Father’s Day, let your child know you love him or love her.  Let your child know that you will always be there for them and that you will never give up your post as protector-in-chief. And keep believing that everyday you and your child can grow closer and grow stronger.  That journey is what life is all about!


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