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With the most famous eyebrows in the industry and her signature look of crossed eyes and a stuck-out tongue, Cara Delevingne has earned her spot as one of the hottest models of the moment.

But in an interview with The Guardian, Cara let everyone know how she really felt about modeling – including her dark fantasies of punching a photographer in the face.

“I’d love to, I really would, I’d be so happy, I dream about it at night,” Cara admitted.

Welp, at least she always keeps it real. If that isn’t reason enough as to why we love her so much, keep on reading for more gems from the interview.

On modeling and her constant goofiness:

“As a model, I really stand for not being a model, if that makes sense,” she says. “When I started, the whole idea of the model was very different, it was a bit stuckup. Not stuckup, but no one was trying to have fun, or not even have fun, but be willing to smile.”

On how having fans is kind of scary to her: 

“When I was growing up, I was fans of so many people in music and acting, but it’s a different kind of fandom now, it’s like they’re obsessed. They find one person they obsess over and they follow them – they have to know everything about their lives, because you have that access, Instagram and Twitter, you can literally be a part of their lives. So they get one person and that’s it. It’s really changed things. It’s kind of scary really.”

On being a style icon: 

“I always wear the same frigging things, jeans and leather jacket and a beanie and some trainers. Even at school, some people were always like: ‘Oh, you can’t wear the same outfit twice in a week”, or whatever, and I was like: ‘What? It’s just clothes.’ It really is just clothes.”

On her ‘Made in England’ tattoo: 

“You’re looked through, you’re not looked at, you are treated as a kind of mannequin. I got a tattoo saying Made in England above my foot to represent that, that I felt like a doll for so long. Because you are just a kind of puppet, you know, entertainment. You kind of feel that you need to have no soul really, to do that job, a little bit. But then it gets better and people actually want to hear your opinion and it’s the most shocking thing in the world when that happens. It all changes: ‘You used to treat me like shit and now you suck up to me.'”

On beginning a music career: 

 “You know what? If that happens, if I’ve made a fair bit of money or whatever, I can stop and I’ll do music. I will cut six months out of the year to make an album. That’s the point. I can’t just here and there do recording sessions, you’ve got to stop and you get rid of everything, all the shit that’s going on around you and actually lock yourself away and do it.”

To read more, check out the full interview on The Guardian. And if this wasn’t enough to have you obsessing over her, check out Cara’s best Instagram moments in the gallery down below.

SOURCE: The Guardian | PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram

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