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It’s no secret Rihanna loves sports, so it comes as no surprise that she too has been swept up in the FIFA World Cup madness.

Somewhere between keeping up with the NBA Finals and being a new auntie, Rihanna found time to watch each and every World Cup match-up and live tweet along with the game.

Most recently, during an intense match between Germany and Portugal, Rihanna shared a photo of her World Cup Brazil ashtray full of fresh ashes.

She later went on to live tweet the highly anticipated USA vs. Ghana game. Though RiRi was admittedly team USA at the start of the match, after getting a better look at Ghana’s line-up, she was forced to switch it up.

Can you blame her?

It wasn’t all soccer and sexy men, though. Rihanna was sure to share plenty of adorable new photos of her niece. Check out those photos and more below.


AuntyOhNaNa! Rihanna Kicks It With Her Niece & Nephew (PHOTOS)
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