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Who knew when soul singer India Arie wrote the 2007 song, “I Am Not My Hair,” that seven years later, the song’s message would end up useful for defending the hair of a 2-year-old.

India is offended by the recent discussion and criticism about baby Blue Ivy‘s hair. The discussion concerning hip-hop royalty Jay Z and Beyonce‘s child has surrounded Blue’s hair being unkempt, or “wild.” In light of that discussion, an online petition was started by Jasmine Toliver, who expressed her concerns over Blue’s lack of hair care.

That’s where India Arie had to draw the line. The singer, who advocates for all women’s personal style choices, turned to Twitter, shaming people for making fun of a little girl.

The “Because I Am Queen” singer goes on to tell the public to be “gentle with the hearts of children.”

Bey and Jay have chosen to ignore most of the criticism, which is understandable since the couple is known for keeping their privacy. But it’s good to know that someone has Blue’s back in the public eye.


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