Russell Simmons recently sat down with Oprah Winfrey and dished on his new book Success Through Stillness, as well as his experiences with struggle and meditation.

The show, which aired on Sunday, gave the hip-hop mogul a chance to share his advice on success through meditation. But he didn’t reveal details about his career struggles and his parenting style – until now.

Russell sat down with Danisha Hoston, host of #OWNShow, a digital exclusive web show on He spoke more about his in-depth “Super Soul Sunday” interview with Oprah and shared secrets about his passion project: his new book Success Through Stillness: Meditation Made Simple.

On his Zen approach to parenting, Russell revealed:

“My children, I meditate with them every single day and they’ve learned to be present. I give my kids the benefit of meditation. All the things I’ve outlined [in the book] are all the things that are added to a kid’s life through quiet time. “

Check out the full interview above.


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