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In response to an op-ed written by former Vice President Dick Cheney and daughter Liz that said no president had done worse in office than Barack Obama, (former) White House press secretary Jay Carney had this to say: “Which president was he talking about?” Epic. “It’s always good to hear from former Vice President Dick Cheney,” he added. Watch the video above.

Lawyers for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the Boston Marathon bombing suspect, are asking to have his upcoming trial moved from Boston to Washington D.C. In a motion filed in U.S. District Court late Wednesday, Tsarnaev’s public defenders said a survey of potential jurors in Boston, Springfield, New York City and Washington suggests the nation’s capital would be a more suitable location for a trial. Read about it here…[ABC]

A toddler in Atlanta has died after his father accidentally left him in a locked car for eight hours. The father was supposed to drop him off at daycare at 9 a.m., but forgot the child in the backseat. When he returned eight hours later, he noticed the toddler still restrained in the car seat, unresponsive. He pulled over and tried to resuscitate the child, but was unsuccessful. Authorities allege that the temperature in the car could have reached up to 130 degrees. No charges have been filed as of yet. Read about it here…[WFSB]

A North Carolina family’s reservation at a Best Western in Baton Rouge, La. was canceled after they informed the hotel they would be bringing their epileptic son’s service dog, a golden retriever named Chip, with them. An employee at the hotel told WAFB that they are aware of the law that allows for Chip to be there, but also said “workers can’t go against what the owner says.” Not cool. Read about it here…[WAFB]


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