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What is a black movie? That’s the question you might be asking yourself at this moment.

And it’s good one.

It’s a question we asked ourselves when we decided to come up with this list. And it’s not an easy answer.

Is a black movie one that only speaks to an black audience? Or maybe a black movie is one that tells a story about black folks? Or is a black movies that features mostly black actor and actress?

At the end we decided to simplify it: for this post, we’re defining a black movie as one where all the main stars are played by black folks. So, for example, even though Training Day has many black actors and actress and is telling a story based in a prominently black neighborhood, Ethan Hawke is the second star. So we aren’t counting it.

We originally thought about this because Think Like a Man Too comes out today. It is a black movie, but it’s also one of the biggest movies of the year. And it has a budget of $20 million, which is paltry for a major movie, but pretty sizable for a black movie.

Because, we were curious, we did some research and came up with the most expensive black movies of all time.

The Most Expensive Black Movies Of All Time (LIST)
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