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House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, announced Wednesday that he’s pushing the House of Representatives to sue President Obama “in an effort to compel the president to follow his oath of office and faithfully execute the laws of our country.” Huh? “On one matter after another during his presidency, President Obama has circumvented the Congress through executive action, creating his own laws and excusing himself from executing statutes he is sworn to enforce – at times even boasting about his willingness to do it, as if daring the America people to stop him,” Boehner said. Read about it here…[CBS]

The man accused of beating Minnesota Vikings player Adrian Peterson’s son to death last year is in cuffs again after reportedly kidnapping and attacking the mother of the child. Read about it here…[TMZ]

A new report states that the missing Malaysia Airlines jet appeared to have been on autopilot as it flew south across the Indian Ocean until running out of fuel. The likeliest scenario is that the crew of Flight 370 was unresponsive, possibly suffering from the effects of oxygen deprivation, Australian officials said Thursday while announcing a new deep-sea search for the aircraft. Read about it here…[NYT]



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