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NBA commissioner Adam Silver has proved to us that he wears his heart on his sleeve once again.

At Thursday night’s NBA Draft, Silver took a moment to honor former Baylor University center, Isaiah Austin. The former Baylor center was diagnosed with marfan syndrome, a career ending condition, days before achieving his dream of playing in the NBA. This genetic disorder affects the body’s connective tissue, skeletal and cardiovascular systems along with the eyes and skin.

It’s every college basketball player’s dream to hear their name be called on that stage, and last night Silver made that a reality for Austin despite his situation. The NBA commissioner called Austin to the podium during the first round right before the 16th pick was to be taken by the Chicago Bulls.

It was the best moment of the night to say the least, and definitely one of the best moments in NBA draft history.

Watch the heartwarming moment above and try not to cry.

SOURCE: USA Today  |   VIDEO: Youtube