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Now that Jeremy Meeks is one of the most famous good-looking criminals in history, there could be opportunity to earn some profit from his fame.

The man behind the #FineFelon trend on social media has reportedly hired a manager to help him land gigs in Hollywood. Jeremy has hired Gina Rodriguez, a prestigious Hollywood manager, to help him get get some production and modeling jobs, but her first task has been finding him a styling team for his upcoming court date!

The manager told Fox 411:

“We’ve been talking with attorneys and doing everything we can to get him the proper legal representation. I know that everyone is reporting on how he’s a criminal and he doesn’t deserve [fame] and he’s got this past gang affiliation, but that’s just it– that’s the key word, that’s his past. Unfortunately, it was all brought up again because of his mug shot being put out and then everyone started digging into his past. I think that everyone is focusing on his [alleged] gang affiliation, and he’s not [a gang member]. He’s a family man… In my opinion, I don’t know if [law enforcement] is upset with him, because he got so much attention [for his mug shot], but it wasn’t his fault. They posted his picture and the media ran with it because of the way he looks. I think that if he has a chance to have an amazing career, and change his life for his family, that’s the ultimate rags to riches story.”

Things aren’t as positive as they may seem in Jeremy’s world, however, since his new manager is now receiving death threats from “gangster-sounding people” after his newfound fame.

According to TMZ, Rodriguez has received nearly 30 calls, during which people harass her for representing Meeks, and inform her that she “deserves to die” for it.

The site reports:

We’re told his manager received around 30 harassing phone calls from “gangster-sounding people” … and one person repeatedly threatened to blow her head off — saying she deserved to die.

As we previously reported, cops say Jeremy was a member of the Northside Crips gang.

The manager filed a report with the L.A. County Sheriff’s Dept.

As far as Jeremy’s court style goes, Kevin Hart was recently asked by TMZ if the fine felon should rock a fancy suit.

The site reports:

Kevin Hart thinks criminal defendant/con Jeremy Meeks (aka Dreamy McMug) is crazy not to embrace the jumpsuit … but Kevin does think the color is all wrong.

Hart was coming out of Craig’s restaurant Friday night when we quizzed him on McMug, who asked the judge if he could come to court in a tailored suit — presumably as an audition for modeling agencies.

Watch Kevin’s interview here!

SOURCE: Fox 411TMZ | PHOTO CREDIT: Stockton Police Dept.

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