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If you’ve been watching Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta this season, then you know the tension between Lil Scrappy‘s girlfriend Bambi and one of his love interests, Erica Pinkett, has boiled over.

The two had not one, but two fights over Scrappy this season and now Erica (pictured below) is claiming that Bambi put a hit out on her after she was attacked by Bambi’s sister while coming out of a bathroom in a night club.

According to reports, Bambi has responded to the allegations and put out an email statement to those close, ultimately saying that the allegations are false.

She made sure to let everyone know that she thinks the story was completely fabricated, and that she wasn’t involved in any of part of the attack.

Erica also claims that the woman, named Stephanie Nicole Harp, used a razor blade to slice her during their altercation, but Bambi says that isn’t true either.

According to TMZ, after hearing her sister’s side, Bambi says that she is sure Erica threw a drink first which is what led to Stephanie attacking her.

The site reports:

Bambi says the woman — Stephanie Harp — who’s accused of slicing Pinkett with a razor blade during a nightclub brawl earlier this month is her sister … Johnson says Erica started the fight.

Bambi claims her sister says Erica threw a drink first — triggering the fight inside Atlanta’s Taboo nightclub. Bambi also claims her sister did not have a razor blade … adding reports claiming the scene was bloody are false.

Violence stemming from reality tv is nothing new, but honestly it needs to stop.


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