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How darn cute is this? Wait–why are we even asking? We already know the answer to this one: It’s so cute it hurts.

Imagine you’re at the nail salon in the middle of enjoying that amaaazing foot massage that comes with your pedicure (which is quite frankly the best part of getting pedicures, IMO), and in walks Beyoncé – Blue Ivy in tow.

Internally, you’re freaking out–Queen Bey and the baby that basically rules the entire universe are there. In the nail salon. Sitting next to you. Getting mommy-and-me manicures in a royal red (because, hello, royalty here) shade.

OK, so in reality, we’re sure Bey has a manicurist on hand – pun intended–at all times and probably won’t ever set foot in your local nail salon anytime soon, but it’s more fun to fantasize.

And just in case that matching moment wasn’t enough for you, we now present you another “like Queen, like Princess” moment that’s making us even more irrationally envious of a two-year-old.

Look very closely. Do you see that? While visiting the Kara Walker exhibit at the Domino Sugar Factory with Hov, Beyonce wore a cherry blossom print Dolce & Gabbana dress, and so did her mini-me.

Oh–and then THIS happened.


We can’t handle the cuteness.

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