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It wasn’t enough for two music powerhouses to get married; they had to go on tour for us to be satisfied. As the On the Run power couple Beyonce and Jay Z continue shutting down venue after venue, some might be talking about the amazing show they’ve put on, including revealing unreleased wedding footage and performing our favorite duets.

Others (like us) are talking about the fashion Queen Bey has been wearing, and luckily, she’s dishing all the details on her site,

After Michael Costello previously fit Queen Bey for the red carpet, it only seemed right that she would work with the former Project Runway winner again for the stage. The notable designer has created two daring costumes for the “Yonce” singer. The first is a Victorian-inspired black lace bodysuit. We all know Beyonce loves a good bodysuit, but this takes it to another level. According to the designer, the dress was inspired by Victorian cathedrals mixed with a little of his personal style.

“My inspiration comes from Beyoncé because I’m a true, die-hard Beyoncé fan, but I think it’s her hair and the way that she moves—I try to use that and mimic that into the clothing. Whether it’s a sequin, a button, or a dramatic sleeve. If you see the dramatic sleeves I did for the Beyoncé lace Victorian bodysuit—the black one—I wanted something she could move in and look stunning in when she’s onstage.”

The second piece by Costello is a unique pairing of an exaggerated sequin top fitted with a pair of floral briefs. While the mixing of patterns may come as a shock to some, the combination proved to be eye-catching on stage and totally works for Bey. While finding inspiration for the mix-matched set wasn’t too hard, the search for the patterns to execute the look was a little bit of a hassle. But when Costello saw the fabrics, he said he just knew.

“One day, I was just walking and I found this gorgeous sequin fabric and I was like, ‘oh, we have to put these two together. This is so different; It’s so hot. I don’t know if they’re going to like it or not.'”

The last look of the tour is a patriotic heart stopper. Bey enlisted Riccardo Tisci of Givenchy to create a black zip bodysuit with a detachable black and white American flag skirt. The train on the skirt reportedly runs about 5 meters long. While the detachable skirt is very unique by itself, what’s even more innovative about it is that the skirt was actually designed as an oversized shirt simply tied around her waist to give the illusion of a full gown. The luxury label says the inspiration for the piece was “American Danger: Bonnie and Clyde,” which is a theme throughout the rest of the show.

The designers behind the flawlessly executed looks gave Sasha an extra kick of Fierce, and seeing as how some of her looks took over 72 hours to construct, we can see why.


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