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Wanna know how you can tell if someone’s really reckless? Look at their iPhone–if there’s no case, let alone a screen protector on it, then it’s safe to assume they just give zero f*cks about pretty much life in general.

A lack of proper protection is such a no-no, but according to a new video of an iPhone 6 floating around the ‘net, that’s a risk we just might be willing to take. YouTube user Marques Brownlee somehow managed to get ahold of Apple’s next-gen model and its display (which confirms its differences in size and shape compared to the iPhone 5s) and put it under a torture test to show us just how durable it will be.

Constructed from sapphire crystal rather than Gorilla Glass, which is what your scratched up screen is currently made out of, Brownlee scrapes and stabs at the phone with a knife and a set of keys–and nothing!

He even goes so far as to bend the paper-thin screen, and, still, nothing. Whether the iPhone 6 will be shatterproof, though, well, we’re keeping our (clumsy) fingers crossed for that one.

Check it out in the video up top.

SOURCE: Mashable