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If there’s at least one big actor you remember from your childhood, it most likely would be Tom Hanks.

The man who gave you Forrest GumpBig, Saving Private Ryan, Apollo 13, Philadelphia, and tons more might be a serious actor, but he doesn’t always take everything so seriously.

Tom turns 58 years old today (feel old yet?), but this man doesn’t seem to feel a day over 30. In fact, he is probably the most awesome celebrity in all of Hollywood. From the things he does for his loyal fans, to being the life of the party, he shouldn’t just win an Oscar or an Emmy, Hanks should win an award for being the most epic celebrity ever.

He was voted “The Most Trusted Man In America,” and recently named the “Most Likeable Man In Hollywood,” and with what he’s done in the past few years, he’s definitely earned it.

So in honor of the veteran A-Lister, take a look at why Tom Hanks is probably the coolest celebrity of all-time.

1. He knows the words to “This Is How We Do It,” which impressed Justin Bieber, who captured this epic video at Scooter Braun’s recent wedding: 

2. That time he hung out with Wiz Khalifa, who helped wish his fans and followers a Merry Christmas:

3. He only takes pictures with fans if he can make them the most epic photos of all-time:

4. He actually SAVES the stuff fans send him, like this autistic fan he invited backstage during his Broadway play:

5. This is how he takes photos with his family, or at least during World Cup season:

6. He fully supports his son Chet Haze, who is a rapper:

7. He let an audience member at Jimmy Fallon’s show sit on his lap as he dressed as Santa…oh, and recruited his buddy Wiz to be his elf:

8. He embraced his longtime wife Rita Wilson on the kiss cam like a G:

9. Comedian Chris Hardwick tried to convince Tom to come on his podcast show by sending him a typewriter, and he wrote this amazing letter back using it:

10. When he won an Emmy, he literally taped it to the hood of his car to show off as he drove around town that night:

PHOTO CREDIT: WhoSay, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit

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