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Everyone appreciates solid lyricism. But the second the internet catches you slipping up, you can bet something hilarious will come of it.

The latest form of rap-related internet comedy is the “Fact-Checking Rap Meme” as spotted by Buzzfeed. The meme was started as a series of Instagram posts by user emanhudson, each picture pointing out a hilarious inaccuracy in various rappers’ lyrics.

Among the victims are Kanye West, who got called out for historically inaccurate lyrics in “Black Skinhead,” and Jay Z, who got called out for his apparent lack of awareness that the earth revolves around the sun. Biggie Smalls, Nicki Minaj, and Nelly are also among the many artists who got clowned.

Enjoy some of the best “fact-check rap memes” so far, below.

SOURCE: Instagram 

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