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Look at GAWD!

For those of you who aren’t sure if God is real…here is the living proof – Nia Long and her pretend “sister” Rose Rollins.

Yesterday, we brought you 18 adorable pictures of Nia Long’s 2-year-old son Kez, but today, we’re bringing the heat. Unfortunately, Rose Rollins isn’t Nia Long’s biological sister, but if we’re judging solely off looks, Nia and Rose are damn near twins.

Because the two actresses have been friends for so long, they tell everyone on Instagram that they’re sisters, and Rose is even an “auntie” to Nia’s youngest song Kez. Like her “big sister” Nia, Rose is also an actress most notably known for her role on LOGO’s The L Word and CBS’ hit series NCIS.

It’s Thursday, and we’re feeling sexy, so here are 12 pictures of Rose Rollins for your viewing pleasure.


Hot Pictures Of Rose Rollins & Nia Long Looking Like Twins (PHOTOS)
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