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The lineup of Beyonce‘s sexy On The Run Tour ensembles has slowly started to reveal itself. Both Michael Costello and Givenchy were on the list, creating Queen Bey’s most memorable pieces so far (like the lace one-piece and her American flag skirt). Now, Bey is sharing some details on another designer behind the all-star lineup: Alexander Wang.

The singer has never shied away from baring a little skin and always loved a fit bodysuit. But during her countless costume changes, the “Partition” artist switches into a different, even edgier look. The bondage-inspired bodysuit features cutouts, paired with a bomber jacket featuring a very oversized hood. When the hood is pulled up, it covers Beyonce’s whole face, adding to the mischievous and criminal nature of the show.

According to Alexander Wang, the materials used to construct the look include 3-D sports mesh, compact bondage leather, and snakeskin. The bomber jacket uses the mesh and snakeskin material for a sleek and exotic effect, while the custom-made nylon on the bodysuit offers a shimmery illusion.

Stitched and put together, the ensemble is one flawless and daring masterpiece. Take a look at the sketch of Alexander Wang’s On The Run outfit and look out for Bey strutting it back and forth on stage at one of her tour stops.


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