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If you were a fan of Nicki Minaj from the very beginning, then you know that before she was the “Super Bass” rapping Barbie, toting all kinds of colorful wigs and character-inspired costumes, one of her alter egos was Nicki Lewinsky, the gangster, gutter, sexy artist from Queens who rocked wavy hair and bangs – all while showing off those infamous curves of hers.

Last night – as she got ready to unveil her new Eau de Parfum on HSN – Nicki took it all the way back to her Playtime Is Over days and rocked her old ‘do for what was her first-ever live appearance on the network.

We’ve already talked about how much we love Nicki’s more natural look, but who knew it could get better?

Sporting open toe shoes, a form-fitting blue and black dress, and minimal accessories and makeup, the Nickster showed off her beautiful legs and figure before heading off to her sit-down, where she revealed a few things we didn’t know about her.

After looking “for a fuq 2 giv” in the photo above, Nicki talked a little bit about her “fresh and fruity” Minajesty Exotic fragrance, which has hints of “bergamot, orange squeeze, and mango.”

Nicki explained:

“That’s the vibe that I wanted for it. I am from an island. I’m from Trinidad and my favorite fruit is mango and mango is something that is reminiscent of happy times for me. So, I wanted to put mango in this one.”

What’s she got in store for us next? Whatever it is, we’re ready. Check out a quick clip below, and more photos in the gallery that follows.


Nicki Minaj Heads To HSN & Debuts New Fragrance (PHOTOS)
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