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In one of our first videos for Nissan’s “BLVD of Dreams” series, we bring you Karen Civil, one of the most respected and inspirational media figures in hip-hop.

For this ‘Day in the Life’ video, we follow the media darling around to see how the hard work gets done. When it comes to social media and creating a strong presence, Karen has mastered the craft by developing Always Civil Enterprises and working with some of hip-hop’s biggest artists like Lil Wayne, Jeezy, and Pusha T, and continues to keep the art alive with rising artists Nipsey Hussle and YG. She also has her popular Karen Civil entertainment and music site.

Her best advice to kids on the up and up? Believe in yourself and use the web to your advantage.

“Knowing the importance of the internet, understand it’s a tool and something you can leverage to help build a brand and career,” Karen says.

Aside from her duties as a entertainment maven, Karen serves as CEO of her Digital Media/Branding Company Always Civil Enterprise. She is also currently working on creating a special New Era ‘Thinking Cap,’ with some proceeds going to Sow a Seed, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing homes and care for orphans in Haiti. Karen is also working on her first book through Cash Money Content titled “Live Civil: 101 Positive Affirmations For Every Day Living,” a straightforward tale of the positive effect that these have had on her throughout her journey.

What drives the future media mogul? To always follow her goals, along with her ability to stray away from the typical.

“My biggest inspiration is waking up and being able to live in my purpose,” she said. “It’s not often we find the courage to live the lives we truly want. Everyday I wake up inspired and renewed that I took the courage to live out my dreams. I can’t pinpoint just one [important moment] to make one seem larger than the next, but I think any moment I took myself out a box, and did something outside the ‘norm.'”

Check out a peek at Karen’s busy life above and be sure to check out more in the BLVD of Dreams series.