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Confession: I don’t know much about soccer or the World Cup (or really any other sport, for that matter), but there is one thing I do know: Tim Howard is the real MVP. (OK, so I know I just said that about David Beckham earlier this month, but there’s enough room on my roster for them both.)

The biggest sporting event of the world finally came to a close over the weekend, and FIFA mistakenly selected German goalkeeper Manuel Neuer as the recipient of the 2014 Golden Glove award because, hellooo, Tim Howard.

Truth be told, I, like many of my fellow (probably mostly female) Americans, had no idea who he was until the World Cup, but he’s no rookie–he’s been a sexy soccer superstar in England for over a decade. Now, Tim is shirtless on the newest cover of Adweek, and let’s just say I‘d have no problem letting him score that soccer is officially my favorite sport.

Team USA might’ve lost the trophy this year, but because of Mr. Howard, we’re all winners. Still need convincing? We’ve rounded up 21 reasons in the gallery down below. Check it out–and try not to drool on your keyboard.


21 Sexy Pictures That Prove Tim Howard Is The Real MVP (PHOTOS)
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