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We love Chipotle. We really do. But one couple in Wilmington, Del. has brought the meaning of loving the restaurant chain to a whole other level.

Michael Suh, 38, and Nicole Germack, 27, were caught by police having sex on the roof of a Chipotle restaurant. Both Suh and Germack were charged with indecent exposure, lewdness, loitering, resisting arrest, and conspiracy.

According to police department spokesman Cpl. James Spadola, they received several reports about the couple having sex on the roof of the popular restaurant. But when an officer arrived to break up the scene, it didn’t seem to phase the couple — they continued to have sex even after they were ordered to stop.

“The female was wearing a black dress that was pulled up,” he said, adding that he didn’t have any information on what the man was wearing.

After they were told they were going to be arrested, the couple decided that might be a good time to break. Police followed the lewd lovers to Suh’s nearby apartment where they were arrested and taken into custody.

Suh, who owns ‘Mizu Sush’ in the same building as Chipotle, declined to comment on the incident on Monday. Both he and Germack were later released on $1,800 unsecured bail with a pending court hearing.

And because this seems so appropriate in this moment, we just had to watch it again:

SOURCE: USA Today  | PHOTO CREDIT: Newark (Del.) Police Dept.