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The United Kingdom. It is definitely a place where we’d all love to visit and spend some time. They speak English just like us, but we have to admit that the little accent that makes us different is to die for. The UK is well-known not only for their accents, but their huge monumental attractions like Big Ben, the London Eye and Buckingham Palace.

Throughout the years, the UK has birthed these musical talents that the whole world seems to lean towards. In the music industry, artists like Adele and Coldplay have sold millions of records all around the world, and we can’t forget to mention the most popular, The Beatles!

Today, many of these artists have promising careers underway and we couldn’t help but admit that we fancy ’em a lot. There are many talents from the UK that have made a successful name for themselves in the industry such as Ellie Goulding, Charli XCX and the man who was recently titled the “most important UK act in black and urban music” Ed Sheeran.

We also recognize the artists who have promising careers in the upcoming year such as FKA Twigs, Jessie Ware and much, much more. Seems like the British are coming to take over the American charts. Do you agree?

Check out Global Grind’s 10 favorite UK artists right now in the gallery below.

Artists From The UK We All Love (PHOTOS)
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