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Nas will always be well-known for one of the most classic albums in hip-hop history, Illmatic. This was his first album and the album that credited him as an ill emcee, then solidified his name in hip-hop history for years. As the album turned 20 this year, real hip-hop fans are still listening to the album as if it came out recently.

In order to treat his die-hard fans, Nas releases a music video to one of the classic tracks, “Represent.” To create this video, Nas had fans join a contest and collaborate to produce the official visuals. The video proves that Nas fans are creative, with interesting, eye appealing and dope visual ideas.

Big shout out to Mass Appeal for debuting the new music video. You can see for yourself what took Nas 20 years to finally make this music video above.

SOURCE: Mass Appeal

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