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The Rock had a busy day doing press yesterday, stopping by most of ESPN‘s programming to promote his new film Hercules.

While he was busy doing promo, we got our hands on two exclusive images of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in his upcoming summer blockbuster. In the photos, you can see The Rock lifting up a metal gate to what looks like a dungeon, as fire blazes in the background and his impressive muscles flex.

In the first image, The People’s Champ is wearing the head of a lion and a protective chest plate.

The Rock also recently posted the meal plan that helped him get into top shape for the film. Our boy ate seven meals a day:

Our training is key, but diet is crucial. Here’s my diet I did every day for 6 months while shooting #HERCULESMovie A ton of calories, cause I had to support my 2xs a day training and 12hr shooting days. Plus I only had one crack at making HERCULES EPIC so I committed. Adjust the diet to your personal goals and have fun. Nemean Lion blood is optional. #TeamHercules #ItAllStartsInTheKitchen #FOCUS

Hercules opens in theaters on July 25th, 2014.

PHOTO CREDIT: Paramount Pictures

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