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In January, Kevin Hart and Ice Cube‘s Ride Along shocked Hollywood by pulling in more than $130 million at the box office. So when talks of a sequel started, it was a no brainer.

Fast forward to the moment when GlobalGrind ran into Ice Cube on the red carpet at the Godzilla premiere in Los Angeles and he told us the movie would start filming in July.

Then, when we interviewed him again for 22 Jump Street, he dropped some gems about how they can make Ride Along 2 even funnier. We also talked to Tika Sumpter, who said she didn’t know much, but was excited to start filming.

Well, it’s July and filming of Ride Along 2 is underway. Through the power of social media, we’ve been able to find out a bunch of things already. Check out what we know so far below.

1. First the obvious: Ken Jeong, aka Mr. Chow, is in the movie, so it raises our expectations for funny.

Will this be a character similar to the one we loved in The Hangover or did Kevin, Ken, Will Packer and Tim Story come up with a new crazy character for us to fall in love with?

2. Vine star TPindell is in the film. Looks like he replaced Charlamagne’s role from the first one.

3. James, aka Ice Cube, and Ben, aka Kevin Hart, still don’t exactly see eye-to-eye.

4. Ice, Kevin, and Olivia Munn are getting time to bond in between takes.

5. Ice Cube’s stunt double does an amazing job.

6. They get to drive a lot of nice cars.

7. This is what Kevin Hart looks like climbing into a Lambo:

8. There’s a big gun fight on the beach and a lot of chase scenes.

9. If you haven’t figured it out, Ice Cube has this cool Jaguar, since his last car exploded:

10. The aftermath from the big crash scene:

11. Kevin Hart may have found someone just as short as he is. An extra by the name of Monster Mike writes, “Kevin Hart tells Ice Cube “This is the short guy I was talking about. I was shocked cause I didn’t have no clue Kevin even mentioned anything about me to Ice Cube! Made my day! But before we go back on set, “LET US TAKE A SELFIE””


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