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Guess we’ve seen and heard it all.

During a recent interview with MTV, Atlanta rapper Jeezy dropped an interesting gem – Jay Z almost cried during the recording process of “Seen It All.”

Apparently, all the reminiscing and thinking about the good ‘ol days made Jay a little emotional, and surprisingly, he was shy about sharing his feelings with his longtime friend Young Jeezy.

Jeezy recalls their conversation:

“We got on the line and [Jay] was like, ‘Yo, Jeezy, when I was writing the verse I had tears in my eyes, man,’ because it took him so far back to Marcy. Every bar in that song was real—I put my hand on the bible.”

Guess the saying, “real men cry” holds true for Hov. Jeezy’s forthcoming album, Seen It All, is due out September 2.

Watch Jeezy’s interview with MTV up top.


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