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As world leaders are looking for answers about Thursday’s tragic attack on the Malaysia Airlines passenger jet killing 298 people; names, ages and nationalities are being confirmed by officials.

Eighty children were among the victims killed when flight M17 was shot out of the sky at 32,000 feet by a surface-to-air missile. Also aboard the flight were about 100 AIDS research experts on their way to an international conference, a Catholic nun from Australia, and a British university student.

The nationalities of more victims were confirmed Friday – with the toll now including 189 Dutch, 44 Malaysians, 27 Australians, 12 Indonesians and 10 Britons. Three passengers are yet to be verified as well as one victim who had dual citizenship in the U.S. and the Netherlands.

Some of the victims named include:

  • Evie Maslin, 10, from Australia was flying with her siblings.
  • Mo Maslin, 12, Evie’s brother, was also aboard the flight.
  • Otis Maslin, 8, pictured in the center, was also on flight M17
  • Nick Norris, grandfather of the children pictured about, also died on the flight
  • An entire Indonesian family was killed in the attack; John Paulissen, his wife Yuli Hastini and two children, Martin Arjuna Paulissen, 5, and Sri Paulissen, 3.
  • Briton Glenn Thomas, 49, was among the 298 killed when Malaysia Airlines flight MH17
  • Indiana University student-athlete, Karlijn Keijzer, 25, of Amsterdam was a doctoral candidate in chemistry at the university.
  • Leading HIV researcher, Joep Lange, died in the MH17 crash.
  • Shazana Salleh, was reportedly one of the Malaysian flight attendants on board who lost her life.
  • Asian chef, Fan Shun-Po, from Hong Kong was also named a victim.
  • Dutch senator, Willem Witteveen, was aboard flight M17
  • Flight attendant Nur Shazana Mohamed Salleh, 31.
  • Elaine Teoh (Picture below), was an Australian passenger aboard the Malaysian Airline flight
  • Capt. Wan Amran Wan Hussin, one of the pilots, wrote a now-heartbreaking text shortly before takeoff, according to his cousin, he sent her the message that he would be home soon to see her.
  • Sister Philomene Tiernan, a 77-year-old nun at Australia’s Kincoppal-Rose Bay School, was returning home after spending some time in Europe.

Other passengers named include:


Albert Rizk

Maree Rizk

Roger Guard

Jill Guard

Liliane Derden

Liam Davison

Frankie Davison


Ali Md Salim

Angeline Premila Rajandaran

Shazana Salleh

Wan Amran Bin Wan Hussin

Eugene Choo Jin Leong

Ahmad Hakimi Bin Hanapi

Muhamad Firdaus Bin Abdul Rahim

Mohd Ghafar Bin Abu Bakar

Dora Shamila Binti Kassim

Azrina Binti Yakob

Lee Hui Pin

Mastura Binti Mustafa

Chong Yee Pheng

Shaikh Mohd Noor Bin Mahmood

Sanjid Singh Sandhu

Hamfazlin Sham Binti Mohamed Arifin

Puan Sri Siti Amirah


Jolette Nuesink

Peter Nuesink

Two Nuesink children

Emiel Mahler

Pim de Kuijer

Martine de Schutter

Lucie van Mens

Willem Witteveen

Karlijn Keijzer


John Alder

Liam Sweeney


Quinn Lucas Schansman

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