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NeNe Leakes tells it like it is. And while she’s never been one to let her voice go to waste, this time, the Atlanta housewife is not letting her mouth do the talking. Instead, she’s using the power of accessories.

The reality star shared a photo of an Hermes Birkin bag—that costs at least $10,000, mind you–with personalized graffiti of some of her infamous sayings on it. The most prominent? “I’m rich bitch” is written boldly along the bottom.

NeNe also shows support for her gay fans. Smack in the middle, she scribbled “I love gays.” She also gave a little, uh, advice to other women, encouraging them to “Fix that body” and to “Close your legs to married men,” along with other things we’ve heard her say on the Real Housewives.

If we didn’t get who she was before, we’re definitely getting the picture now. Check out NeNe’s personalized Birkin on Instagram.

SOURCE: Instagram

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