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Nothing makes a woman feel more confident than the right bra.

But sometimes choosing the right bra can become overwhelming and downright frustrating. Thankfully, we’ve cultivated a variety of pieces that can accommodate all women‘s needs and body types.

For example, Summer 2014 was all about the flirty backless top or dress, and there are a number of options available to keep the girls perky without sacrificing the confidence and support a bra strap can provide. Or maybe you’re tired of the bulkiness of a Victoria’s Secret overstuffed padded bra; there are other alternatives to getting the bombshell cleavage you’ve always dreamed of.

Never fear, we’ve taken all the work out of bra shopping for you ladies; browse through our list of the best bras for the summer and figure out what can help make your look photoshoot ready — minus the Instagram filter.


Top 10 Best Bras For Summer 2014 (PHOTOS)
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