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On July 23, 2011, music lost another great to the 27 Club.

British soul singer Amy Winehouse passed away unexpectedly in her London flat due to alcohol poisoning. The five-time Grammy award recipient was found dead in her apartment, alone while old videos of her past performances still played on her computer.

Say what you want about her questionable life choices and battle with substance abuse, one thing can’t be denied: her one-of-a-kind voice. No one could sing and really make you feel every ounce of lyrical emotion like Amy. Her unique, distinctive, often imitated, yet never quite duplicated, vocal stylings and gift for music has left behind a memorable legacy.

To reminisce about the music and of course, the signature Beehive hair that was part of Amy Winehouse, here are some of the best covers of the fallen star’s greatest hits.

Beyonce featuring Andre 3000 “Back to Black”

Beyonce and Andre 3000 added their own flare to one of Amy’s biggest hits, making it their own while paying tribute to the uniqueness that was Amy.

Bruno Mars, “Valerie”

The “Locked Out Of Heaven” singer totally owned this performance of “Valerie” and captured the essence and charm of the popular single. Not to mention his silver blazer and choreography was an uber urbane touch.

Adele, “Make Feel My Love”

Another British sensation, Adele sang her heart out (as usual) in honor of the late great Amy Winehouse under a sky of smartphone created stars.

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