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Behind every great man stands an even greater woman. Behind every sexy man stands a long line of women, amirite?

But the only lucky lady the super smooth singer Miguel is adorning with his love is Nazanin Mandi. And you want to know what’s not fair? When two incredibly gorgeous people get together.

We can all agree here that Miguel is mighty handsome, but just one glimpse at his gorgeous girlfriend proves they really are picture perfect in every single way. For some time now, her other half has been soaking up the spotlight and crooning his way into the hearts of women across the world, but now the model is picking up the mic to make her musical debut pretty soon.

We’ve been loving her longtime, double-tapping on pretty much all of her Instagram pictures because, well, she’s a stunner, and the envy is real. If you aren’t already, it’s about time to get familiar with Miguel’s muse, and we’ve rounded up 34 of her most flawless photos in the gallery below.


34 Flawless Pics Of Nazanin Mandi (PHOTOS)
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