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Even if you’re not familiar with the names Bishop Clarence McClendon, Pastor and gospel singer Deitrick Haddon, Pastor Jay Haizlip, Bishop Noel Jones, Bishop Ron Gibson, and Pastor Wayne Chaney, their influence within the Christian community can be seen all over the world.

The show Preachers of LA follows these six Bishops and Pastors as they deal with their faith-based careers and relationships.

There was some skepticism over religious leaders mixing church and reality TV, but the show clearly found an audience, and according to Variety, became the most-watched new show for viewers 25-54.

The season 2 opener picks up where the last left off–Deitrick, whose contemporary gospel music brought him to fame, got married to his girlfriend Dominique, then shortly after revealed she was pregnant. Now Deitrick must deal with the criticism about his relationship from his peers.

Some of the show may not seem too relatable, but overall, watching the preachers’ drama and victories in their personal lives keeps the show entertaining,

Season 2 of Preachers of LA premieres August 20th on Oxygen at 10 p.m. ET.