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A man and woman from Staten Island were found dead in their hotel room at the Hilton Garden Inn this week, and were apparently holding each other in their arms when their lifeless bodies were discovered.

According to the NY Daily News, investigators aren’t sure what caused their death, but they think the pair may have overdosed on something, though no drugs were found.

The site reports:

Workers at the Hilton Garden Inn on South Ave. made the grim discovery about 12:50 p.m. after the pair — 37-year-old Scott Jacobi from Staten Island and 34-year-old Theresa Mateo from the Bronx — failed to check out, cops said.

They were found fully clothed and clutching each other in bed, less than 48 hours after they checked in, at about 6 p.m. on Wednesday, cops said.

Since there were no signs of trauma or forced entry, investigators suspect an overdose of some sort, though police said no note or drug paraphernalia were found in the room.

An employee revealed that their bodies were found by a housekeeper, and that they appeared to be in their mid-thirties.

The man was revealed to be 35-year-old Scott Jacobi, while the woman, who is 37 years old, has yet to be identified by authorities, friends, or family.

We pray for their families and will keeo you updated.


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