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Boondocks‘ creator Aaron McGruger is facing backlash over his new comedy, Black Jesus.

According to KTBS, various Christian groups have created petitions in an effort to remove the comedy from Adult Swim’s fall lineup. The story focuses on the return of Black Jesus with his band of misfits in Compton. Labeled as “the most anticipated comeback in history,” it’s seen in another light by Christian organization Voice Clergy Network, among others.

Local religious groups spoke out against the show Monday morning at a press conference in Shreveport. One Voice Clergy Network as well as Praise Temple and other churches were represented. They said the show “mocks and degrades who they know their savior to be.”

“Our Jesus is not a dope pusher,” said Bishop L. Lawrence Brandon, senior pastor at Praise Temple. “Our Jesus is not an alcoholic. Our Jesus is not riotous and unruly.”

Pastor Brandon Lacy agreed with Brandon and claims the satirical comedy paints the image of God in a bad light.

“If that seed is continued to be planted in the lives of our people and we feel it’s OK to reject Jesus, then we are in trouble as a community,” Lacy said.

The One Voice Clergy Network is just 192 signatures away from their 500 signature goal. They plan to send the signatures to Adult Swim in an effort to axe the show.

But with over 100,000 “likes” on Facebook, the program probably isn’t going anywhere. Black Jesus will premiere on Adult Swim on August 7 at 11 p.m.