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Jessica Alba might be a mom, but you wouldn’t be able to tell by her sizzling rock hard abs.

The mother of two is featured on the cover of Maxim magazine, flaunting her gorgeous body in an olive bikini and barely covered by a wet t-shirt. Inside the mag, along with posing in some more jaw-dropping bikini photos, the actress opens up about maintaining her body image and tackling her inner demons.

You may remember Jessica in Honey – the one with Romeo, where she played a dance teacher in New York. Jess says she owes a lot of her flawless body image to dancing and working out.

“Looking back now, my friends are like, ‘Your body was really good when you were dancing. You should do that more often!”

While all dance and no play might get her body the way it looks now, the Sin City star says she loves nachos and tequila. In addition to getting in shape physically, the 33-year-old also admits to battling inner demons in order to keep moving in her career.

“I don’t want to talk about my issues. But I definitely feel like I tackled something and came out the other side. Everything that led up to all this was worth it. I’m really comfortable in my own skin, and I’m not apologizing for myself.”

Check out Jessica Alba’s smoking hot Maxim cover and other photos from her shoot when the issue hits stands August 12.


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