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Here’s Luke Christopher.

He’s a new music sensation who’s a singer, songwriter, rapper and producer. The talented young artist has a squad of fans titled the TMRW Gang and he’s been buzzing all over social media.

Luke Christopher comes from the town of Los Angeles, a town that has birthed many of the greats and currently has some of the hottest acts in the game right now.

Luke is much different from that.

His music gives a taste of all different genres as he enjoys all kinds of sounds. “I don’t hold myself to any standard or believe that I have to do a certain “something” on a track.”

Luke was inspired to start music when he saw his brother and cousin recording their own raps on beats. From there on out, he made it his mission to produce a very wide variety of style for his fans; The Tomorrow Gang, known as the TMRWGANG on Twitter.

The TMRWGANG is Luke’s titled fan base. As a treat to all members, Luke had a “TMRWGANGTuesdays” series going on where he released a new track for fans every Tuesday.

GlobalGrind had the chance to catch up with the Los Angeles native and speak about the future, his inspiration, and what’s in store for him in the upcoming months. Check out our interview with Luke Christopher, but also learn about his story in the video player below.

Global Grind: Where did you find inspiration to start your music?

Luke Christopher: I first started it because my cousin and brother were starting. They started on Garage Band and I thought it was so dope. They were recording their own raps and it was kind of crazy to me to even think it was possible because I always loved music. I started out with them but when they stopped, I still continued on with the music. I started selling beats, getting enough equipment and getting better. It started with them and it expanded to this great love I have for it.

How old were you when you started producing and writing?

When I was doing everything, I was about 15. But it all started happening on accident because I didn’t know what it meant to be a writer or to be a producer. So I was just doing it because I had no one else to do it. I wanted to sing on dope songs, but I had no one giving me dope beats or anything, so I had to get good enough so I could rap on my own beats. I had to sing well enough to sing my own songs. It was kind of an accident that ended up being a blessing.

In the “Life Jackets” music video, you’re playing the piano for a short scene, is that an instrument you’ve also taught yourself?

I play the piano, I can’t read music or anything, but I just play by ear pretty well. It’s based on doing it a lot. I just kind of loved it.

Being that you’ve taught yourself to produce, write and sing, how do you title yourself with all your talents?

I would call myself an artist. When I’m in the studio, sometimes I’ll do complete rap songs and sometimes I’ll do complete singing songs. It’s whatever I feel. I don’t hold myself to any standard or believe that I have to do a certain “something” on a track. It’s all about what I feel and I think that’s one of the cool things about being able to produce. It’s like I can make this song however I want whether it’s singing or rapping.

Who are you listening to right now?

I’m listening to a lot of James Blake actually. Then I go back and listen to a lot of Outkast’s “Speakerboxxx.” I’m heavy on some old J. Cole, and Drake. I also like what Chance the Rapper is doing. I’m all over the place with music.

Who would you like to work with?

I definitely want to work with Kanye creatively, Andre 3000, Frank Ocean and James Blake for sure. Chance the Rapper and Drake.

Do any of these artists inspire your writing or execution?

Absolutely. Kanye. Especially his early stuff is what ignites me to want to be an all out creative beyond music and production. He ignited me to want to be the vision behind everything I do. I’m heavy into fashion so a lot of what Andre 3000 and Pharrell are doing right now and how they’re perfecting the culture with cool, crazy hats and cool stuff definitely inspires me to want to do that in my own lane. In a young, fresh way.

From releasing your debut mixtape to now, how would you say that you’ve grown in the industry and how do you feel about it?

Since my first tape everything has been crazy. It’s like everything has been going up. A minute after TMRW TMRW we had to stop releasing music just for label sakes and me getting out of a deal. Musically, it has been awesome because I have been able to explore perception wise and get better at producing random types of music that just helps my normal type. So that is awesome. And, in terms of the business it’s dope because you learn and its like a wisdom you carry on as you go on to the next year or the next time you sit down with someone who is important to your career. It has been really interesting.

When do you think it’s okay to say that you’ve “made it?”

Honestly, it’ll probably be years down the line. I’m a hungry guy, so as a kid I always liked Grammys. Then as I got older, Grammys are dope but it’s more about being internationally known and respected as an artist. After that, how did I translate that and give that back to people who in other circumstances would never have the opportunity to be creative. It will probably end up happening when I’m in some other country giving back to the people and doing something for the community. I think it’s in the future and I’m satisfied with being hungry.

What’s your favorite song that you’ve recorded so far?

Honestly, I don’t know and it’s kind of weird because I’ve done so many different sounding songs and just as a music listener I like so many different types of music. For instance I like Earth Wind and Fire’s “September,” it’s one of my favorite songs and then again I like Mos Def’s “Mathematics,” that’s one of my favorite songs as well and it’s two completely different genres so I don’t even know how to compare them. That’s kind of how my music is because I do different sounding stuff and to me they all come from such a different place and they all sonically sound so different that it’s hard to choose my favorite. I wake up one day and I have a favorite and then I go to sleep that same day and it’ll be a completely different favorite.

What’s next for Luke Christopher and the TMRWGANG?

The TMRWGANG can definitely expect a mixtape, that’ll be out soon. We’re working on an album simultaneously that will probably come out next year. Then we have three singles lined up throughout the rest of the year that’ll be pretty big hopefully. It’s really exciting. We have some videos we’re about to shoot for some singles and for the mixtape. Then, we’ll just continue building the TMRWGang and building the story and whole movement around it. But it is exciting times.

You can stream Luke’s latest EP, The Wonder Years Pt. 1 below.

Stay updated on all Luke Christopher and follow his Twitter (@LukeChrisMuzic).

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