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Drake is the master of many things; dancing is not one of them.

Now, we’re not saying Drake is a terrible dancer, we’re just saying we’d rather listen to him rap and sing about Bria or the wedding planner he never got the chance to marry.

Just last night, a video of Drake attempting to dance like Usher hit the ‘net, which was pretty hilarious. We know Drake’s a funny guy, so it’s only right he attempted to execute Usher’s famous dance in a funny way.

To his credit, Drake did an exceptional job. Aw hell, who are we kidding? Drake did pretty damn good.

It’s no secret that Drake has his flailing Mariah Carey hand motion down pat, but from time to time, he gets in the dancing mood.

Because we love Drake and some of his dance moves, we decided to round them all up, because this is exactly what the world needs, and most importantly, this is what YOU need.

Enjoy Drake’s festive dance moves below.

Go Drizzy, Go Drizzy.

Drake’s Started From The Bottom Boogie 

Don’t Know What This Dance Is Called, But It’s Groundbreaking 

Going  H.A.M. 

A Lightweight Get Jiggy Motion 

Hide your girlfriend, hide your wife, and hide your grandmother too. 

Drake’s Dougie

Ay Caramba! 

Diddy Bop Down The Toothpaste Aisle So We Know It’s Real 

The Bar Mitzvah Bunny Hop

His anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns, hon.

Getting Down For The Cause

Move Out The Way For The Papi Moonwalk

Ah Ah Ah

Soul Train Drizzy

We saved the best for last.

PHOTO CREDIT: Giphy, Getty

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