It seems like nowadays you have to pick a side. But whether you decided to be Team Nicki or Team Iggy, you have to admit that Iggy Azalea is looking pretty amazing on the cover of 10 Magazine. Despite rumors that Iggy doesn’t write her own music or that she’s just a feature artist, the Australian rapper is keeping her head high and doing her thing.

10 Magazine just released a cover of the rapper looking like a dime and showing a whole lot of leg. She covers up her curvy figure in a black and white shag fur coat and laced up thigh-high boots. As she walks down a hallway, she blankly stares in front with dark red lips and slicked back hair.

The issue, which is all about L.A. and the artists who work in the area, also features several other covers. But there’s no doubt people will be searching for Iggy’s on the stands. Check out the image of Iggy Azalea rocking the cover of 10 Magazine and for more info on what’s inside, you’ll just have to pick up a copy.

SOURCE: 10 Magazine

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